Lil Devil Pricing

Our pricing starts at a base rate per square foot of Lil Devil material.

Charge Rate
Base Rate (WM Rate) $9 / sq. ft.
1-Time Cutout Charge $10
Any Additional Art Charges (May not apply) $20-$45

The chart below shows some examples of how our system works:* Or, use our simple calculator to find pricing. (Convert inches to feet.)

Example Size (Feet) WM Rate Base Price
The Smith's Vacation Mural 2 x 3 $9 $54
Corey's Baseball Action Shot 4 x 2 $9 $80
Giant Spencer Football Decal 4 x 4 $9 $160
Lil Devil Base Price Calculator
Feet Wide:
Feet High:
*Base Price: $

*Our minimum charge is $25.00. Depending on the order, art charges may also apply.