What's a Lil Devil, Anyway?

Lil Devils are repositionable wall graphics that won't harm the surface you put them on! That's right: put it on the wall, take it off, and it's like it was never there. That's what makes the Lil Devil material so exciting. Just think of what you can do...

Show Your School Spirit with a Lil Devil!

Get school spirit decals and use them on your notebooks, locker, car, wall, or laptop and more. Use them as a booster fund raiser!View All Products

Stick Yourself on the Wall, You Lil Devil

Picture day at school? Make your portraits into Lil Devils! Give one to the grandparents! Throw a devil on your fridge! Great for the kids' rooms!View All Products

How Big is Your Little Devil?

You don't have to make marks on your walls to find out how much Suzie and Johnny have grown! Our growth charts don't damage your walls. You can move them from room to room and house to house. You can even customize it with your child's photo.View All Products

You Can Decorate With Lil Devils!

Easier than wall papering or painting, you can change it for the holidays or seasons and impress your friends!View All Products